Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Beep™

1) Description of Software:

The Licensor has written software called Beep™ which provides an online communication system that delivers data-push, text and email messaging.

2) Monthly Licence Fee options:

The Monthly Hosting & Licence Fee can be by way of ‘Koha’ (donation/gift) as to what you can afford for the software and support.

Please select the monthly amount from the drop down list that applies to your business.

This monthly Hosting & Licence Fee and text message usage will be invoiced at the end of each month. The Licensor will issue the Licensee a login and password to allow the Licensee access to use the Software online.

3) Support:

The Licensor will provide technical support in normal business hours Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5.00pm on 0800 333 480 and emailing to helpdesk@beep.co.nz.

4) Advertising:

To help with the running costs, future development, and support of the software application, the Licensee allows the Licensor to include advertising placement in the Software

5) The following provisions apply in respect of the Advertising:

  • (a) The Licensor will provide a list of advertisers from time to time that are interested in using the Software for advertising;
  • (b) the Licensor will liaise with the selected advertisers regarding the design of the advertisements;
  • (c) the Licensor will be solely responsible for the layout and display of the advertisements, but may consult with the Licensee at its sole discretion;

6) Individual Text Message Charges:

The Licensee agrees to pay the Licensor $ .12c +GST per text message sent using the Software.