Your own app and multi-channel communication platform.

For Schools, Early Education Centres, Teachers, Students and Parents.

Connect with your teachers, students and parents using Beep’s low-cost messaging platform.

For Parents & Caregivers

  • Receive alerts for emergencies, closures and cancellations
  • Receive school newsletters and notices
  • Send in absence notifications
  • See your schools important contact details
  • Access multiple schools, early childhood centres and organisations all from the one Beep App

Students & Teachers

  • Receive alerts for your sports teams, clubs, departments and classes
  • Extra-curricular notices in the one place
  • Receive alerts for lockdowns, emergencies, closures and cancellations
  • Retain a record of all school to community communications

Easy Set-up & Fast Access

  • Own logo, colours and branding on all out-going communications
  • Sync with your own systems
  • Secure access via your own online communication portal, from any device
  • Assign authorised senders to designated groups
  • Use our designated emergency text alert channel for critical updates

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